Protecting Your Territory

Mars is the pure ACTION principle. How one acts, what kinds of actions one engages in, will be described by the sign, house, and aspects of Mars in a birth chart. Mythologically, Mars is the warrior. He loves battle, but doesn’t stop to think: no strategizing, no stopping to think if he’s outnumbered. Mars needs direction, assistance from other planets in order to work well in our lives. It also gives an idea of how we express anger, self-assertion; how well we stand our ground. In fact, in India-n astrology, Mars is the ruler of land and property.

Robert Hand says that Mars tells how we defend our boundaries. He likens Mars to the tires on your automobile. An underinflated tire (a weak Mars) is squishy. It slows down the vehicle and causes an extra expenditure of resources–it uses more gas. An overinflated tire will destabilize the vehicle: If it is too over-inflated, it will burst, and self-destruct. Only a properly inflated tire—or a well-balanced Mars, will serve us well. A person with a “squishy” Mars may be unable to defend him or herself without great internal agony, or until they’ve endured terrible abuses. A person with an “overinflated” Mars will see any action as a threat and too quickly will become aggressive seeking to defend themselves from threats only they can see.

If you have too much or too little Mars action in your chart, a talk with a good astrologer can help you balance it. Using practical western psychology, insights into what motivates you (another good Mars word), and India-n remedial measures, you can put Mars in its appropriate place in your life!

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