The Sun

Giver of Life to Earth;
Center of the Solar System

The symbol for the Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle is like the circle design of the western astrological chart. It represents the surface of things.

In the astrological chart, the chart-circle contains the Sun, the Moon, and all the Planets that make up the personality-shell we wear in this lifetime.

In the Center of the circle of the chart is……….Nothing!!! This represents the Silence at the Center. And this Silence is where we find our deeper Self.

In some ways, an astrological reading tells as much about the Not-Self as it does about the Self. It helps us “see-through” ourSelves to the deeper soul within. This is true for both the western astrological reading and for the astrology of India, Jyotisha.

Look at the glyph (symbol) for the Sun. In the Center of the glyph is a Dot. The dot at the center represents the Seed of Self. The circle around the dot is the husk of the seed. For the seed to grow, for it to become a plant and flower, the husk has to break apart. In the same way, until we see past the surface of our personalities until we learn to listen to the Silence at the Center, we cannot become the flower of our true inner Self.

If we think of the Circle, the personality shell, as the Ego, we can begin to understand. However, in our eagerness to reach the center, it is tempting to renounce the Ego–to try to defeat it. Transcending the Ego is not the same as renouncing it. To transcend the Ego we must first FIND the Ego!! We must watch it closely, learn all its ins and outs, keep our eye on its tricks! We must allow the Ego to be strong and firm to first protect the inner seed of Self. Only then can we Detach from Ego. As long as we are in human form we will have an Ego. But if we can learn to smile at it, to take it less seriously, to laugh at our foibles, then we can see through it to the shining core within.

So you see, the Sun is a very complicated image. It is both the Ego, or Personality Shell, and it is also the Seed of Self within. When looking at the astrological chart, the Sun is one of the parts of the puzzle we examine. Those who wish to find the Seed of Self will find the Ego a tricky fellow to outwit. Ego will do just about anything to make you think it need not be unmasked. When we look at the Source of All Life in our personal solar systems, we walk a delicate balance between true humility and the prideful humility of Ego, between false pride and true strength.

The Sun is fiery and rules only one astrological sign, the sign of Leo. Therefore we can identify Sun as a planet of Spirit since Air and Fire are traditional symbols of Spirit. (Earth and Water are traditional symbols of Matter.) The Sun and Moon are the only planets that have undisputed rulership over only one sign. The Sun rules only Leo, a masculine sign, and the Moon rules only Cancer, a feminine sign. Therefore the Sun and Moon are sometimes considered the royal couple among the planets.

If you are a follower of western astrology, you will know the answer to the cliched question “What is your Sun Sign?” The Sun Sign is the easiest sign for most people to learn because each and every year the Sun is in the same sign during the same months. It is therefore easy to remember. The Moon goes through all twelve signs in 27 days, so you’d have to have a computer program or good reference book to know your Moon sign. And it’s even trickier to know the placement of the other planets because we can’t see them as easily, and they each have different cycles. For students of Jyotisha, the astrology of India, the Moon sign is far more important. It reveals the inner state of being—the serenity or storminess of one’s approach to life. In a culture and astrological system dedicated to spiritual growth, the planet of Ego doesn’t show the state of being of the soul.

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