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Welcome to Stariel Astrology. –an eclectic mix of western and Indian astrology, with articles, information, opinions, philosophies, podcasts, blogs, on astrology, healing modalities, and life itself. I hope you will find something here that stretches your understanding of yourself and your world. I hope to inspire you to reach beyond the temporal challenges of life to revel in the vast conspiracy of meaning that is available to those who look for it.

Ultimately, our joy in life is found in our sense of meaningfulness. My joy is in helping others—you—discover for yourself what feeds your soul and nourishes the vein of truth deep within you. My goal is to open doors for a deep flowering of your innermost Self in relation to the world. My peace is in hearing what YOU have found meaning in both joys and sorrows.

Astrology is a rich metaphorical language. Translating this language into simple English, you and I can shed new light on your past and present, your relationships, and important events in your life. With these tools, you can be better prepared for your own unique future. With astrology, we can predict the “astrological weather” for future times in your life, so you can plan to move “with the wind” rather than against it. We can shine a light on your own personal timing cycles to allow you to manage current and future life issues from a position of wholeness.

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