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I have known Anne Beversdorf since 2003. She is an accomplished astrologer with 20 years of experience. She says she has read some 14,000 charts and credits time spent at StarScroll 800 as a telephone astrologer for sharpening her skills. She is accomplished with both Western and Vedic astrology, having studied with Hart de Fouw and K.N. Rao, two of the leading Vedic astrologers. Anne has written for The Mountain Astrologer, as well as for many other journals and newsletters, including her own. She has given seminars in the US and abroad. She is the author of Vedic Secrets to Happiness, which at the moment is on my desk. Anne Beversdorf is, in sum, one of the outstanding astrologers of the present day. From long experience, she is sensitive to the needs of her clients, offering insights into psychological blind spots, as well as effective astrological remedies and use predictive analysis.

Since 1993, I have run the Astrology Center of America, which, since 1996 has been on-line as I have long been the nation’s leading astrological bookstore. Since 2002 I have published books under Astrology Classics, which now number nearly 50 titles. Since I first got into astrology as a profession in 1986, I have met most of the leading astrologers of the day. I am pleased to count Anne Beversdorf not only as an outstanding astrologer but also as a personal friend.

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