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Vedic Astrology Prediction (Part 2)

Continuing this series of tips for timing events in Vedic astrology, this time we’ll focus on a wonderful technique taught by Sri K.N. Rao.  Sri Rao is perhaps the greatest Vedic astrologer alive and I’m honored to have attended several of his seminars.
This technique is what Raoji calls “the simultaneous aspects of Saturn and Jupiter”.  That is to say, to see when an event will take place, you must first identify what house is associated with that event (e.g. marriage is 7th house), and what Varga (divisional chart) is associated with that event (e.g. marriage is seen in the Navamsa Varga).  Let’s use marriage as an example,  (though we could use career opportunities–10th house and dasamsa, events related to children (5th house, Saptamsa Varga), sale of a home (4th house, Chatursamsa Varga IMO), etc.
To see when a person might marry, and after checking dasa periods, look at the seventh house in the Rasi and Navamsa, and find the location of the ruler of that house in each chart.  Now look at an ephemeris of transitting planets.  Find a time when Saturn aspects EITHER the 7th house or the planet ruling the 7th house.  Then find a time when Jupiter aspects the 7th house or the 7th ruler.  If you find a time when both happen at the same time you’ve pinpointed the date with a relatively high certainty.  Do the same in the navamsa, and if the dates overlap you’ve got a pretty sure bet.
If you apply this pattern to the chart using Surya Lagna (sun sign house as ascendant) or Chandra Lagna (moon sign house as ascendant) in both Rasi and Navamsa and tally up how many times you get a repeat of the double transit pattern.  Count them up–if the majority show a double-aspect at the same time you’ve got more confirmation.  The more confirmation (the higher the majority) the more certainty in this predictive date.
There’s extra wiggle room in this formula when we look at retrograde aspects.  We’ll look at this next time.

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