StarielAstro-weather… an analysis

Astrologers have been waiting and holding our breath for Uranus to finally re-enter Aries for its run til 2019.  Well, it finally happened on March 11th, long hours after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and shortly before the cascade of nuclear accidents.

Wow. Let’s analyze this.

First, we are dealing with the soltice/equinox points:  Aries is the first of these points–the degree of the spring equinox.  Solstice points are the Axis Mundi— the axis upon which the world turns–the four corners of the world..  Appropriate to this symbolism, the 9.1 Japanese quakes actually moved the earth several more inches off its typical axis.

But the quake actually struck when Uranus was at 29 degrees and 59 minutes of Pisces.  Why was this such a big deal?    Let us count the ways:

  1. It’s as close to the Axis Mundi as it could possibly be, so that’s plenty.
  2. 29 degrees is an “unstable degree” and Uranus is the least “stable” of all planets.
  3. Uranus was in Pisces, a water sign ruled by Neptune  AND   Neptune was in Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus
  4. AND Neptune was at 29 degrees of Aquarius.   So with both of these at 29 degrees of each others’ home signs, one of the planets long associated with instability in a water sign, and the other long associated with the ocean in a sign associated with ‘shaking things up’…  we had a perfect storm.
  5. And one more thing–the Moon, the most visible object in the night sky, was very close to it’s first quarter position, long considered the position of ACTION.   It was also approaching one of the Biggest Full Moons of 20 years (because the Moon will be unusually close to the earth this time).

it’s still important to remember that these earth changes are course-corrections.   We are in the process of long-needed change, and as stubborn as we humans are, we often neglect to make change until there is no longer choice.   … or to mix our metaphors here, we are in the birth-pangs of a new age.  Birth is sometimes long, difficult, and painful, but the results evoke the most profound love we know on earth: that of a mother for her new-born child.   We are getting ready to welcome the child-form of a new era in human history.

It’s not popular to talk about this: we like to think we have total free will and can shape our destiny at all times.   In reality, this is true only if you know which way the river is flowing and how to deal with that energy.  If you want to go upstream, you’re not gonna get there by floating.   Indian astrology speaks of planets as “grahas” translated as “grabbers”  because they grab you and force you to do their bidding.   A planetary archetype creates an energy field which will definitely affect everything you do when you’re under its influence.

Anne will talk about what astrological circumstances can lead to “possession” by an archetype, what it feels like to be possessed by different planetary archetypes, and how one can learn to deal with that particular energy in the most productive way possible.  Calling herself the “Mistress of Mangled Metaphors”, she will help you learn to dance with the archetypes in your life, how to dress for the kind of party you’ll be attending, and what to do to move things along.  Ultimately we have free will to the extent that we know what we’re dealing with.  As the old song says, “Ya gotta dance with who brung you.”

Be ready to laugh and cry!

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