“I have to tell you once again-it is YOU who predicted this foreign fame! 5 years ago at Xmas you read my chart and said -you will go through a rough couple years-I did indeed w/all 4 of my grandparents passing – and then you will have fame in Europe w/movies..etc..  It came true! Nothing could’ve seemed more far fetched-considering I’m from Kansas! My dad asked me while we were in Italy last month – ‘Imagine if someone would’ve told you 5 years ago that this would be happening’ and I said ‘They DID!!’

Amanda Gabbard-McGuirk
Actress, Makeup Artist


Anne Beversdorf is a wonderfully creative astrologer. I very much enjoy her insight.”

Marianne Williamson
Activist, Author and Entrepreneur

“I can’t believe how diferent I feel after we spoke.  Much lighter, more in tune with myself and the universe.  Perhaps it is a combination of your insights and the extra energy I am feeling.  I look forward to talking with you again!”


“Anne Beversdorf is an astrologer’s astrologer.  Her knowledge, skills, and her ability to articulate information make her an excellent counselor.  Anne is insightful and delightful, and has the ability and wisdom to help you gain great clarity, understanding, and self-empowerment.”


“My life is unfolding JUST as you said it would, and I see the deeper meanings of the reading as things unfold. You not only read “the chart” but all that the chart is a vehicle for–karmic patterns and lessons, agreements, evolutionary trajectories, etc.  Many thanks for offering us all your gift.”

Sherry Ackerman, Ph.D

“I hold no person on this planet in higher esteem than this remarkable woman, and unhesitatingly encourage any and all to receive the blessing of her talents and dedication.”

Jim Hennum

“Anne blends uncanny intuition with decades of research and learning to provide accurate and precise advice in her consultations. The breadth of her knowledge rivals many libraries! A voracious and constant explorer of knowledge, spirit and psyche, she is a precious jewel with whom one is privileged to spend any amount of time. I highly recommend her proudly and without a nanosecond of hesitation.”

Jim Hennum

“Last time we spoke, you said the eclipses of July and August were likely to bring about restructuring or reorganization in my company, possibly a change of bosses. You said it would be a window of about two weeks in either direction. Yesterday, at the beginning of the two-week window, we learned of a hostile takeover from a French company. They will buy us out and consolidate our firm with theirs. No one expected this. You continue to amaze me with your insight.”


“Anne’s knowledge and integration of several systems of astrology create a great foundation for accessing life processes and decision making. Her use of metaphorical stories intertwined with practical implications makes a great addition to the written materials she also provides for your later study. Professionalism abounds and she can tailor a suitable reading for you with all her resources. Highly, highly recommend Anne.”

Susan Reynolds

“This person whom I had never met before was telling me things about myself that I had only felt and had not really verbalized, and she was telling me things about my life and my relationship with D. that no one could have really known, particularly not a stranger. I am just so jazzed about the revelations that Anne made based on my astrological charts. I honestly think that Anne is another one of those gifts to help me get in touch with and facilitate my spiritual growth.”


Jeannie Goldwire wrote: ” Every time I hear Anne talk, I feel validated in my experiences–like I am not crazy, there really is a reason why certain things have been going on. … Example: my To-Do Lists nowadays are empty threats and I often don’t follow through on them (= Saturn’s ways don’t work as well anymore); my “bug antennae” are my best guide for what is to be my next step (Neptune ingress to Pisces).”

Jeannie Goldwire

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