StarielSoul of the Cosmos: Lecture

Archetypes, Astrology and the Soul of the Cosmos


Reading the Mind of the Cosmos

Lecture, Astrological Society of Austin, March 2014

Unfortunately, my recorder cut out prematurely.  Sharon Werner, of ASA also recorded the lecture, and her recorder also cut out, but at least the thought left dangling in the recording got to its completion.

And I’ll tell you there’s this scientist, Nassim Haramein, and I’ve talked about him before. He has actually done the paper with the math approved by a physics journal. And the paper was considered, it was given the award for the best paper in the, like, 2013, I believe it was, physics conference in Europe. And he did the math proving the concept of the holographic universe, which is basically that the Universe is comparable to a giant hologram. And if you, if you break a holographic plate, each part of it doesn’t have a part of the picture. Each part has the whole picture. It just loses detail. And his paper was basically each one of us IS the Cosmos. Each one of us is the Cosmos. Each one of us contains all of the knowledge in the Universe. And he makes a big point – and it applies very well to archetypes – he makes a big point of saying mostly scientists think of infinity as larger and larger and larger and larger and larger. But infinity goes the other way too: smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller. And every time you build that Hadron Collider bigger and you find a smaller thing, you realize there’s something smaller and you’re going to have to build it bigger. It’s infinite. What are they wasting their energy on? There is just an infinity of “smallerness.” And so what you can see in an astrological archetype – Tarnas talks about Jupiter and Saturn in reference to the Shakespeare plays – and he’ll say, okay, King Lear and Hamlet – they have a mood about them. And that mood is dark and ponderous and heavy and with King Lear it’s about age and with Hamlet’s it’s about death and dying, and these are Saturn archetypes. And Jupiter is like Midsummer Night’s Eve, the Merchant of Venice. The comedies are mostly Jupiter plays. They’re expansive, jovial – that’s a nice Jupiter word, the jove word – they’re Jupiter energy systems. And he [Tarnas] said, how are you going to define

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