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 Astrologer’s Guide to Gift Selection

The very best way to figure out what gift someone will like is to base it on their Venus sign. Venus represents what we value and what we love.  

If you need help determining the Venus sign of friends and relatives, contact me here by email.  The first 5 request will be free (3 names each). Later requests will be $10 for 3 lookups, which we can handle by credit card, paypal, or the DONATE button on my website in the newsletter.

Venus in Aries This person loves ACTION, so tickets to any adventure will thrill.  Rollercoaster rides of any sort, ski trips (or lessons), roller blades, fireplace tools will work, too, or firecrackers for New Years’ Eve.  They also like starting things, preferably with power tools, which make great gifts if you’ve got some other way to finish the project., but knowing a Venus sign isn’t a matter of just looking up a birthdate on a calendar.
Venus in Taurus is sensual. These folks like to be surrounded by soft fabrics–velvet, cashmere (no itchy wool please). They love rich foods and creamy desserts. Delicately scented candles, soothing essential oils, the very best single malt whiskey or highly rated wine, massages, a full bubble-bath kit, these will all tickle the fancy of Venus in Taurus.
Venus in Gemini loves variety, ideas, and social encounters.  Encyclopedias of trivia–especially about one of their favorite topics; teaching an older Gemini how to use Facebook; a bunch of mystery novels; a new smart-phone or a music/radio/mp3 device; or a grab-bag of many small and clever items will thrill a Gemini person.  You could also throw in a day-trip to a great dinner theatre.
Venus in Cancer loves to snuggle. These are sentimental people who will respond to a snuggly couch-blanket, a hot chocolate kit and, if you’re intimate, a “coupon” for a gentle personal massage. Many Cancers like cookbooks, comfy items for the home (a sofa pillow with a sentimental message), and a gathering of the clan.
Venus in Leo loves drama–but mainly if they’re the star of it, so contrive to let them show off.  They want to be seen with someone dressed to the nines, and a flashy-but-classy item of clothing for them is not out of place. Tickets to the ball of the season, a must-see concert, or a noticeable piece of jewelry, all delivered with heaps of praise will go over well. If you really want to win their heart, ask them to tell a favorite story in front of the crowd.
Venus in Virgo loves detail.  A collection of interesting boxes, small to large; a grab-bag of clever and varied office supplies (Virgo Venus always loves office supply stores), a library card if they don’t have one, boxes of beautiful note cards, a gift certificate to a bookstore that also sells cards or reading accessories will make Virgo Venus feel loved and appreciated.  (Click here for more.)
Venus in Libra loves beauty, grace. and harmony.  Beautiful silk scarves or neckties; dinner in an elegantly appointed restaurant, tickets to an event in a beautifully designed venue, books on design and style, or on graceful manners.  Whatever the gift, wrap it with style.  Presentation is everything.  A gift certificate should be in an elegant envelope with a bow tied around it (no stick-on bows, please).  Whatever you give in a beautiful package will be that much more appreciated. .
Venus in Scorpio is sometimes tricky, as they keep their preferences secret.  In fact, a book or movie of “secrets”, or material on the occult or conspiracy theories might appeal. They’ll like detective stories, experiences that may be frightening but offer transcendence (scary movies with a redeeming point to make), stories of true experiences of the paranormal or supernatural; transpersonal “depth” psychology. Touch Venus in Scorpios in a deep way, guide them to face and overcome fears, and you’ll have a friend for life.
Venus in Sagittarius loves to spread its wings. Knowledge, philosophy, travel and more travel will crank their engine.  Take this Venus to a travel agent and watch love happen.  Clever travel devices to make trips easier, short-wave radios, shows that feature foreign culture, tickets to a college public lecture, a behind-the-scenes tour of a TV news outlet will make Venus in Sagittarius’ heart soar. And I almost forgot: If this person has a favorite sports team, tickets will be a sure winner.
Venus in Capricorn wants value and status. Give them a high-status item–a designer-brand watch or fancy writing instrument, scarf, necktie, or accessory. The key is the status-value.  For gift-givers on small budgets, a tin of caviar or truffle-flavored spread with a nice bottle of champagne will accomplish the same thing.  For a Venus in Capricorn with a fiery sun or moon sign, take them rock-climbing. The Capricorn mountain goat is a CLIMBER, so whether it’s gaining prestige among peers or climbing a mountain, they will feel seen and valued.
Venus in Aquarius loves something DIFFERENT: techie, too. A clever new electronic device, anything quirky and distinctive to wear or display on their desk, home, or yard; any kind of breakthrough technology tool, be it water or air filters or an energetic healing device, even a calendar of Escher prints will tickle this person’s cool button. Rube Goldberg devices are sure to bring out their mischievous smiles.
Venus in Pisces loves sentiment and magic.  Their own copy of Robin Williams’ What Dreams May Come, season tickets to their favorite music venue, a set of movie passes all fit one part of this personality. Anything that shows how you and this person SHARE an interest will make Venus in Pisces people feel cherished.  Be gentle with this soul–they appreciate friends and lovers more than you realize and it makes them happy to put you on a pedestal, so be your shiny-polished and loving self and they’ll be happiest of all.

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