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This is one of astrology’s really BIG questions, and the truth is, no one has offered an answer that makes sense. At the root of the problem is the distance between western science and ancient “knowing”. Science was hailed as an advance over “knowing” because it offered replicable proofs of concepts, but its weakness is that it only values proofs that can be quantified or held in the hand. One of the results is that science seems to have forgotten that things can exist that they haven’t yet figured out. And astrology is one of those things.
   In some ways, astrology is like other means of divination, Tarot, dowsing, omenology, psychic abilities and other forms of reading Truth from the world around us. The confusing difference is that astrologers aren’t necessarily psychic at all, and spend lots of time mathematically calculating charts with lots of emphasis spent on things like accurate birth times. So while astrology seeks to see within and without, it’s neither psychic nor science.
But there is a profound truth that connects all forms of “knowingness.” In fact, this truth connects EVERYthing, and this truth is that ALL IS CONNECTED. This is what the word “holism” is ultimately about–and notice the relationship of the word “holism” to “holy.”  Truly, All is One, and furthermore, we really CAN see the whole in any of the parts.  Physicist Nassim Haramein recently was awarded Best Paper in the International Physics Conference for proving this mathematically.  His thesis is that the world is indeed like a hologram, and each fragment of a hologram–or our universe–contains all the information of the whole.
How does this relate to divination? If All is indeed One, and we are all as connected as a Haramein says, close observation of anything in our universe can answer questions about the whole. Tarot can, dowsing can, birds on a wire can, an unmediated mind that is connected to the ALL without personal prejudice can. All these are connected to All That Is and are therefore directly connected to everything that is happening. Obviously, it takes some skill to read this kind of information, but it is available to anyone.
But astrology offers us two huge advantages in this effort to know everything. One is that it has been in use for a long time, with systems that require much knowledge but not necessarily psychic abilities.  So one can learn to do this, while psychic abilities are sometimes less easy to learn. The other advantage for astrology is even bigger.
In other divination systems, the patterns of the NOW can tell us about the Now. Anything happening in the NOW reflects on everything else in the NOW. On the other hand, the Sun, Moon and planets have been in our sky for billions of years and will be for the unforeseen future. At each moment, they are part of All That Is, and reflect elements of time. And because of long millenia of observation and the development of ephemerides (tables showing the position of planets on any day in the past, present, or future) we have a view of “now” that can be seen for any time. With skill, an astrologer can see outlines of patterns that existed in the past or that will exist in the future.
Furthermore, becoming aware of All That Is, reflected in the positions of the planets of the past, present, and future, seems to aid astrologers in their ability to psychically blend into the patterns they see. I believe it’s a slight lifting of the veils that keep us thinking we live alone, isolated in a material world without connection or ensoulment.  In fact, we are all part of the Soul of All That Is.
Old spiritual tales tell us that God, in her infinity, recognized her aloneness and wanted others to learn from and to share in the majesty of creation.  So she sent out droplets of her soul into the universe that became human beings, animals, plants, rivers, mountains, planets, solar systems…  and each of these souls has experiences that enlarge God’s knowledge of creation. We all have a part in this, and we are all a participant in this. By seeing our holism, our holy connection to everything, our view expands.
To me, the tools of astrology have taught me that I am a part of ALL, and that all my clients are expressions of God. It has taught me to better read the conditions of the holy holism that I live in. And astrology has taught me to see that whatever the temporary conditions of the “now”, the conditions of the whole are no less than the soul of God, and therefore loving, kind, and good.

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